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Directions : In each of the following question pair there is a common relationship between two given words on one side/left side of (: :) and one word is given on another side/right side (: :) while another word is to be found from the given options/ alternatives, having the same relationship with this word as the words of the given pair bear. Choose the correct alternatives to form the same relationship.

Question : 1 [S.S.C. (CGL) 2017]

River : Stream : : Ocean : ?

a) Pond

b) Current

c) Dam

d) Sea

Answer: (b)

As, 'Stream' is produced by 'River', same as 'Current' is produced by 'Ocean'.

Question : 2 [W.B.S.C 2018]

Coins : mint : : Bricks : ?

a) Foundry

b) Furnace

c) Cemetery

d) Kiln

Answer: (d)

'Coins' are made in 'Mint', same as 'Bricks' are made in 'Kiln'.

Question : 3

Moderate : Intensify : : Nominal : ?

a) Memorial

b) Chacs

c) Distance

d) Expensive

Answer: (d)

'Moderate' and 'Intensify' are antonyms and 'Nominal' and 'Expensive' are antonyms.

Question : 4 [S.S.C (10+2) 2014]

Maharashtra : India : : Texas : ?

a) Brazil

b) Mexico

c) USA

d) Canada

Answer: (c)

As, 'Maharashtra' is one of the states in 'India', in the same way, 'Texas' is one of the states in 'USA'.

Question : 5 [C.L.A.T 2015]

Sitar : Guitar : : Tanpura: ?

a) Trumpet

b) Mridanga

c) Harmonium

d) Violin

Answer: (d)

'Sitar', 'Guitar', 'Tanpura' and 'violin' are all string instruments.

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