choose odd words Practice Questions Answers Test with Solutions & More Shortcuts

Directions :
In the following, three or four alternatives are same in a certain way out of four or five and so form a group. Find the odd word that does not belong to the group.

Question : 1 [R.R.B. (Group 'D') 2012]

a) Goat

b) Dog

c) sheep

d) Cow

Answer: (b)

Only 'Dog' is different because dog does not eat grass.

Question : 2 [S.S.C. (10 + 2) 2013]

a) Ample

b) Copious

c) Plentiful

d) Abundance

Answer: (d)

Except 'Abundance' all mean sufficient amount but abundance is used for more than sufficient amount.

Question : 3 [S.S.C. (CPO) 2010]

a) Hydrometer

b) Barometer

c) Diameter

d) Hygrometer

Answer: (c)

All others are apparatus to measure something.

Question : 4 [L.I.C. (ADO) 2011]

a) Jug

b) Pitcher

c) Tumbler

d) Bottle

e) Saucer

Answer: (e)

All others can be filled up with something.

Question : 5 [I.B.P.S. (Clerk) 2011]

a) Leaf

b) Flower

c) Fruit

d) Branch

e) Root

Answer: (e)

All others grow above soil.

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