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type 2 analogous pair completion

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analogy Topic-wise Types, Definitions, Important fact & Techniques with Short Tricks & Tips useful for all competitive Examinations

Meaning & Definition of Analogy:

Analogy means "similar properties (or) similarity (or) correspondence", i.e. having "same features (or) resemblance of one object to another in certain aspects." The aim of analogy is to test our ability to discover the relationship between the given question pair and then to find the required pair of words which are most similar found from that relationship.

If an object or word or digit or activity shows any similarity with another object or word or digit or activity in terms of properties, type, shape, size, trait etc.,

The questions are based on Analogy, a particular relationship between words/letters/numbers is given and another similar relationship has to be identified from the alternative provided, then the particular similarity will be Analogy. The relationship of analogy can be established in two ways,

This analogical relationship can be formed in these two formats as follows,

Simple Relation

Here, the above relation of C to D or D to C is the same as the relation of A to B or B to A.

High-level Relation

Here, the relation of B to D or D to B is the same as the relation of A to C or C to A.

In the following content, you will completely get a clear idea about all the doubts you have in this Analogy topic.

Types of Analogy

Analogy is broadly classified into 4 main types based on the content used in the question (i.e. by the thing which is used in the question and made of) which it means. The types of analogy in verbal reasoning are,

  1. Word Analogy,
  2. Number Analogy,
  3. Alphabet Analogy, and
  4. Mixed Analogy.

Learn different types of analogy provided in category with detailed notes with practice test & Live quiz.

Different types of questions based on Analogy:

The analogy in verbal reasoning is classified into 9 different unique types, which are based on the type of questions asked in various exams. In this, you can find the difference in both the question as well as in options. We have created these categories to help the candidates to understand the concept and what is asked in the examinations. It is made with considering both government exams and in IT recruits.

  1. Analogous Pair Selection,
  2. Analogous Pair Completion,
  3. Analogous Pair Completion,
  4. Analogy Detection,
  5. Direct or Simple Analogy,
  6. Similar Word Selection,
  7. Double Analogy,
  8. Multiple Word Analogy, and
  9. Analogy Detection,

Learn & Practice all types questions asked in analogy, gothrough all materials, utilize our practice test and live quiz to score high in all related govt exams & IT jobs.

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