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mixed analogy

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analogy Topic-wise Types, Definitions, Important fact & Techniques with Short Tricks & Tips useful for all competitive Examinations


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Introduction to Analogy Verbal Reasoning:

An Analogy is an important section of Reasoning because it is the section through which examiners test the candidate's ability to compare and establish proper relationships among the given items on the basis of a certain commonality in the case of questions on Non-Verbal Analogy, it is very easy to recognise the common features between the given figures owing to certain limitations.

Figures may have similar movement, rotation, orientation, shape, size, etc., and if you can observe these features, you can quickly select the appropriate answers. But in questions of verbal analogy, it is not possible to define the types of relations that exist between given objects.

Apart from the common types of relationships, sometimes unusual relationships are presented in the question. Hence, the chapter on analogy aims to test not only your reasoning ability but also overall knowledge, IQ and decision-making power.

What is Verbal Analogy?

Analogy means "similar characteristics (or) resemblance (or) correspondence", i.e. "having similar features of one object to another in some respects". The purpose of analogy is to test our ability to find the relationship between a given question pair and to find the required pair of words that are most similar to that relationship.

If an object or word or digit or activity shows any similarity with another object or word or digit or activity in terms of properties, type, shape, size, trait etc.,

The word ANALOGY has been derived from two words taken together :

ANA meaning “Relation” and LOGUS meaning “Knowledge”.

The word ANALOGY is a Noun which literally means

  1. a similar feature, condition, state etc. shared by two things that are compared and
  2. a process of reasoning based on similar feature of two things.

Thus, analogy means "similar feature", "a common feature" or "relationship". Verbal analogy questions assess the ability to understand various relationships between different elements, things, events, actions, terms, etc. in their proper context. Such questions aim to test the candidate's overall knowledge, reasoning ability and ability to think clearly and logically. With adequate training and awareness, a candidate can develop and improve the ability to judge decisively.

What are the 2 Types of Relations in Verbal Analogy?

The questions are analogy based, given a specific relationship between words/letters/numbers and identify another similar relationship from the given alternative, then the specific similarity is analogical. An analogical relationship can be established in two ways.

This analogical relationship can be formed in these two formats as follows,

Simple Relation


Here, the above relation of C to D or D to C is the same as the relation of A to B or B to A.

High-level Relation


Here, the relation of B to D or D to B is the same as the relation of A to C or C to A.

Verbal Reasoning Analogy Concepts & Questions and Answers Sets

Questions on Analogy cover almost all types of relationship or commonality that one can think of and which we generally observe in our day-to-day life. Some common types of relationship which frequently appear in the examinations have been listed below :

  1. State and capital relationship,
  2. Country and Currency Relationship,
  3. Country and Name of the Parliament,
  4. Country and Its National Games/Sports,
  5. Sex relationship (Male and Female),
  6. Parents and child relationship,
  7. Animal and its individual trait,
  8. Animal and its habitat relationship,
  9. worker and working place relationship,
  10. Tool and action relationship,
  11. raw material and product relationship,
  12. Worker and tool relationship,
  13. Term and its subject-matter,
  14. matter and its state relationship,
  15. instruments and measurement relationship,
  16. quantity and unit relationship,
  17. worker and product relationship,
  18. word and its synonym relationship,
  19. word and its antonym relationship,
  20. part and whole relationship,
  21. word and intensity relationship,
  22. Country and national emblem relationship,
  23. Disease and causative organism,
  24. Alphabet analogy, &
  25. Numeral Analogy.

In the following content, you will completely get a clear idea about all the doubts you have in this Analogy topics.

4 - Types of Analogy Based Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers Practise Test

Analogy is broadly classified into 4 main types based on the content used in the question (i.e. by the thing which is used in the question and made of) which it means. The types of analogy in verbal reasoning are,

Click the below links & Learn the specific model from "Basic types of Analogy - Verbal Reasoning problems" that you have to practice for upcoming examination

Learn different types of analogy provided in category with detailed notes with practice test & Live quiz.

7 - Different Types of Questions Asked Based on Analogy Verbal Reasoning

The analogy in verbal reasoning is classified into 7 different unique types, which are based on the type of questions asked in various exams. In this, you can find the difference in both the question as well as in options. We have created these categories to help the candidates to understand the concept and what is asked in the examinations. It is made with considering both government exams and in IT recruits.

Click the below links & Learn the specific model from "Verbal Analogy problems based on the ways or types of questions they are asked" that you have to practice for upcoming examination

Learn & Practice all types questions asked in analogy, gothrough all materials, utilize our practice test and live quiz to score high in all related govt exams & IT jobs.

Refer: Individul practice tests for all Analogy based Verbal Reasoning topics with shortcuts, techniques, tricks & tips PDF.

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