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Out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentence

Question : 1

Action that is likely to make people very angry

a) inflationary

b) inflammable

c) commensurable

d) inflammatory

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Answer: (d)


Question : 2

A humorous drawing dealing with current events or politics.

a) sketch

b) illustration

c) cartoon

d) skit

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Answer: (c)


Question : 3

Act of mercy killing

a) suicide

b) euthanasia

c) immolation

d) asphyxiation

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Answer: (b)


Question : 4

Bare minimum needed for survival

a) sustenance

b) subsistence

c) sustainable

d) supplement

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Answer: (b)


Question : 5

People who belong to the same country

a) patriots

b) comrades

c) compatriots

d) natives

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Answer: (c) 


one word substitution Definitions, Example Questions Answer with Short Tricks & Tips useful for all types of Competitive Examinations

One Word Substitution - Definition, Classifications, How to Solve, Needs, Examples & PDF for All Competitive Exams

Dec 29, 2021, By Careericons

What is One Word Substitution?

One Word Substitution simply means using a specific word replacing a wordy phrase or sentence and making it shorter, concise and clearer to understand. This way, the word becomes identical with the sentence thus providing the same meaning as the wordy sentence.

The best way to master this concept is to learn their meanings by putting them in a particular sentence or visualising them through an interesting story.

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5000+ One Word Substitution MCQ for all competitive exams

How to Solve One Word Substitution?

Before checking on the examples for One Word substitutions, let’s see how to solve them. These can be solved by identifying its ‘root word’ or core meaning and then identifying the prefix and suffix. Many words like Anthropology come from the root word anthrōpos which means humans (Here ‘Anthro’ is the prefix and ‘ology’ is the suffix).

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New 50+ One Word Substitution MCQs Examples With Solved Solutions for IBPS, SSC & Railway Exams

Hence anthropology means the study of humanity. To gain mastery in understanding root words, you should be familiar with the etymology and linguistic of the words.

Did you know?

ology‘ is the most common suffix in science which means “a branch of knowledge”.

(Example: Psychology, Biology).

Another common suffix is “crazy” which comes from the Greek word “kratia” which means “rule or government”.

(Example: Autocracy, Democracy)

Why Do We Need One Word Substitutions?

One word substitutions are important as they make communication of the English language much more concise, lucid, and easy. People can remember words and communicate bigger meanings through a simple word. For example, saying “She is someone who puts forth an idea which she herself doesn’t believe” is much harder as compared to just saying “She is a Hypocrite”. One word substitutions make our sentences more precise and reduce complexity. These substitutions also help us to classify words based on the suffixes which makes it easy to categorize them and put similar words together.

One word substitution questions frequently occur in many national-level exams such as SBI PO, UPSC, CAPF, CDS, IBPS, RRB, SSC etc.

5000+ One Word Substitution Live MCQ Quiz for all competitive exams

New 3000+ One Word Substitution Examples (Various Topic-Wice) with Definitions:

There are different categories of One Word Substitution:

  1. Branch of Study (Logy)
  2. List of Graphy
  3. List of Phobia
  4. List of Mania
  5. List of Phile
  6. Scientific Instruments
  7. Related on Terms
  8. Related on Sleep
  9. Related on Denoting Age
  10. Related on Denoting Places
  11. Related on Denoting Age
  12. Group & Collection
  13. Different Forms of Government
  14. People & Person
  15. Profession & Occupation
  16. Related on killers or Killing (Cides)

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