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Question : 1

From stem to stern

a) all the way from the front of a ship to the back

b) from the beginning to the end

c) top of a plant to its roots.

d) loose pleasantness to become strict

Answer: (a) 

From stem to stern = from the front to the back especially of a ship

Look at the sentence : Surges of water rocked their boats from stem to stern

Question : 2

Over egg the pudding

a) add unnecessary details to make something seem better or worse.

b) fill the pudding excessively with egg.

c) add details in order to make something more exciting.

d) add important details to the content of a story.

Answer: (a) 

add unnecessary details to make better or worse.

Over egg the pudding = to spoil something by trying too hard to improve it.

Look at the sentence : As a director, I think he has a tendency to over-egg the pudding, with a few too many gorgeous shots of the country side.

Question : 3

Turn over a new leaf

a) change one’s behaviour for the better

b) read between the pages of a book.

c) do a somersault

d) do a new job.

Answer: (a) 

change one’s behaviour for the better

Turn over a new leaf = start to act or or behave in a better or more responsible way; improve; to start behaving in a better way.

Look at the sentence : Apparently he has turned over a new leaf and he is not smoking any more.

Question : 4

Take up the hatchet

a) behave formally

b) pursue a chanc

c) be caught in a trap

d) prepare for or go to war

Answer: (d) 

prepare for or go to war

Take up the hatchet = to make or declare war

Look at the sentence : He induced the tribes to take up the hatchet against the English.

Question : 5

At loose ends

a) tie two loose ends of a thread

b) keep options open

c) in an uncertain situation

d) repay debts

Answer: (c) 

in an uncertain situation

At a loose end = to have nothing to do At loose ends = not knowing what to do, especially because of an upsetting change.

Look at the sentences : If you find yourself at loose ends, you could always clean the bathroom.

I was at loose ends after finishing school and not being able to find a job.

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