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The following questions, you have several passages where some of the words have been left out. Read the passages carefully and choose the correct answer to each blank out of the four alternatives


Childhood is a time when there are ___(1)___ responsibilities to make life difficult. If a child ___(2)___ good parents, he is fed, looked ___(3)___ and loved, whatever he may do. It is improbable that he will ever again in his life ___(4)___ given so much without having to do anything ___(5)___ return. In addition, life is always ___(6)___ new things to the child. A child finds ___(7)___ in playing in the rain or in the snow. His first visit ___(8)___ the seaside is a marvellous adventure. But a child has his pains; he is not so free to do as he wishes; he is continually being ___(9)___ not to do things or is being ___(10)___. His life is therefore not perfectly happy

[SSC (GL) Tier-II 2014]

Question : 1

Fill the blank (1).

a) many

b) little

c) few

d) more

Answer: (c) 

few (Det., Adj.)

Question : 2

Fill the blank (2).

a) had

b) have

c) has

d) will have

Answer: (c) 

has (Aux.V.)

Question : 3

Fill the blank (3).

a) up

b) at

c) after

d) around

Answer: (c)

after (Prep.)

Question : 4

Fill the blank (4).

a) is  

b) has

c) are

d) be

Answer: (d) 

be (Aux. V.)

Question : 5

Fill the blank (5).

a) for

b) in

c) as

d) of

Answer: (b)

in (Prep.)

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