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In each of the following questions, choose the word opposite (or) ANTONYMS in meaning to the given word as your answer.

Question : 1 [SSC CHSL (10+2) 2014]


a) naughty

b) novelist

c) banal

d) nasty

Answer: (c)

banal (Adj.) : very ordinary and containing nothing that is interesting or important.

novel (Adj.) : different form anything known before; new; interesting seeming slightly strange

Question : 2 [SSC const. 2015]


a) sonorous

b) discordant

c) concordant

d) balanced

Answer: (b)

discordant (Adjective) : not in agreement

harmonious (Adjective) : friendly; peaceful and without any disagreement.

Question : 3


a) delay  

b) quicken

c) diminish

d) descent

Answer: (a) 

delay (Verb) : to make/ do late

accelerate (Verb) : to happen faster or earlier than expected.

Question : 4 [SSC (CGL) 2015]


a) timid  

b) nervous

c) coy

d) fearful

Answer: (a)

timid (Adjective) : brave; shy and nervous.

bold (Adjective) : brave and confident; not afraid

Question : 5


a) migrant

b) member

c) patriot

d) officer

Answer: (c)

patriot (Noun) : a person who loves their country and is ready to defend against an enemy.

traitor (Noun) : a person who gives away secrets about their country; one who betrays; renegade; back-stabber.

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