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In the following question out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best expresses that the meaning of the given words.

Question : 1


a) spin

b) weaken

c) widen

d) push

Answer: (c)

Question : 2


a) elope

b) gate-crash

c) abolish

d) destroy

Answer: (c)

abolish (Verb) : to get rid of ; do away with ; to officially end a law, a system or an institution

abrogate (Verb) : to officially end a law ; repeal

elope (Verb) : run away secretly with one’s beloved

gate-crash (Verb) : to go to a party or social event without being invited

destroy (Verb) : do away with; destruct

Question : 3


a) lead

b) instruc

c) manage

d) supervise

Answer: (b)

instruct (Verb) : order ; guide command (Verb) : to order given to a person

lead (Verb) : to show the way manage (Verb) : to succeed in doing something ; cope

supervise (Verb) : to be in charge of somebody or something and make sure that everything is done correctly

Question : 4


a) indicated

b) indicted

c) induced

d) instigated

Answer: (b)

 indicted (Verb) : to officially charge somebody with a crime

accused (Verb) : to say that something wrong has been done

indicated (Verb) : to show that something is true

induced (Verb) : to force/persuade to do something

instigated (Verb) : to make something start or happen

Question : 5 [SSC (10+2) 2011]


a) reason

b) occasion

c) intention

d) preparation

Answer: (c)

 intention (Noun) : what you plan to do; your aim

motive (Noun) : a reason for doing something; aim; cause

reason (Noun) : a cause or an explanation for something that has happened or that somebody has done

occasion (Noun) : special event, ceremony or celebration

preparation (Noun) : the act of getting ready for something or making something ready

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