gupta & post gupta period Practice Questions Answers Test with Solutions

Question : 1

Which one of the following is not a work on architecture?

a) Samarangana Sutradhara

b) Mahavastu

c) Mayamata

d) Manasare

Answer: (b)

Mahavastu is not a work on architecture. Mahavastu is a more refined version of Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra is a very old subject didn’t have a proper procedure to apply the beneficial wisdom in modern lifestyle.

Due to lack of proper research and documentation of results, it has never been possible to give it a scientific working procedure.

Question : 2

Which of the following rulers started Gupta currency system?

a) Chandragupta I

b) Samudragupta

c) Chandragupta II

d) Srigupta

Answer: (a)

It is usually held that Chandragupta I was the first imperial ruler who introduced currency system and that the Chandragupta-Kumaradevi type of gold coins were the earliest gold coins of the dynasty. But according to the scholars, it was Samudragupta who first issued Gupta coins that his first gold coins were of standard type and that later on, he issued the Chandragupta-Kumaradevi type of coins to commemorate his father’s marriage to Lichchhavi princess which had proved to be a great benefit to the Gupta dynasty.

The minting of silver coins was first started in the reign of Chandragupta II and was continued by Kumargupta I and Skandgupta.

Question : 3

Kings Queens
1. Chandragupta-I Kumaradevi
2. Samudragupta Dattadevi
3. Chandragupta-II Dhruvadevi
4. Kumargupta-I Kuberanaga
Select the correct answer from the codes given below: Codes:

a) 1, 2 and 3

b) 2 and 4

c) 1, 2 and 4

d) 2 and 3

Answer: (a)

Question : 4

Which of the following inscription was found on iron pillar?

a) Mehrauli

b) Saranath

c) Sanchi

d) Babru

Answer: (a)

Question : 5

Who was Dhanavantri?

a) A Physician

b) A Philosopher

c) A Surgeon

d) A Chemist

Answer: (a)

Dhanavantri was a physician. Dhanvantari is depicted as Vishnu with four hands, holding medical herbs in one hand and a pot containing rejuvenating nectar called amrita in another. He is often shown with a leech in his hand rather than the scriptures.

The Puranas state that Dhanavantari emerged from the ‘Ocean of Milk’ and appeared with the pot of nectar during the story of the Samudra or Sagar Manthan whilst the ocean was being churned by the Devas and Asuras, using the Mandara mountain and the serpent Vasuki.

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