the mughal empire Practice Questions Answers Test with Solutions

Question : 1

Which one among the following books was authored by a lady of the Mughal Royal House?

a) Akbar Nama

b) Humayun Nama

c) Babur Nama

d) Badshah Nama

Answer: (b)

Gulbadan Begum (daughter of Babur) was the author of Humayun Nama.

Question : 2

Consider the following statements:

  1. Mahapadma Nanda uprooted the kshatriya dynasties in north India and assumed the title ekarat.
  2. The Hathigumpha inscription of Kharavela of Kalinga refers to the conquest of Kalinga by the Nandas.
Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct?

a) 2 only

b) 1 and 2 both

c) 1 only

d) None

Answer: (b)

Akbar disliked the interference of the Muslim Ulemas in political matters. In 1579, he issued the “Infallibility Decree” by which he asserted his religious powers.

In 1582, he promulgated a new religion called Din-i-I lahi or Divine Faith. It believes in one God. It was aimed at bridging the gap that separated different religions. However, his new faith proved to be a failure.

It fizzled out after his death. Even during his lifetime, it had only fifteen followers including Birbal. Akbar did not compel anyone to his new faith.

Question : 3

Name the person who wrote the history of Aurangzeb in total secrecy. What was the name of the work?

a) Aquil Khan Razi’s Zafar Namah-i-Alamgiri

b) Mirza Muhammad Kazim’s Alamgir naham

c) Khafi Khan’s Munta Khab-ul-Lubar

d) Muhammad Saqi’s Masir-i-Alamgiri

Answer: (d)

Question : 4

Which Mughal emperor enrolled Guru Govind Singh into Mughal service?

a) Bahadur Shah I

b) Faurkh Siyyar

c) Jahandar Shaha

d) Mohammed Shah

Answer: (a)

Question : 5

On whose silver coins, Zodiac was depicted?

a) Jahangir

b) Akbar

c) Humayun

d) Shahjahan

Answer: (a)

Zodiac was depicted on the silver coins of Jahangir. Mughal coins depicted images and zodiac signs against Islam’s belief.

The reading of the Mughal coins opens up a whole new world. Each Mughal coin has the full name of the respective emperor and the years of his rule. Jahangir’s coins depicted him holding a glass of wine, with a halo. He believed in zodiac signs.

However, Shahjahan melted the zodiac coins under pressure from religious leaders.

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