emergence of mahajanapadas & magadh Practice Questions Answers Test with Solutions

emergence of mahajanapadas & magadh PRACTICE TEST [1 - EXERCISES]

emergence of mahajanapadas & magadh MCQ set 1

Question : 1

Where did the 16 Janapadas were mentiond?

a) Brahmanas

b) Buddhist Scripts

c) Aryanakas

d) Jaina Scriptures

Answer: (d)

Question : 2

In the Mahayana Buddhism, the Bodhisatoa Avalokitesvara was also known as:

a) Manjusri

b) Vajrapani

c) Padmapani

d) Maitreya

Answer: (c)

Avalokitesevara is a Bodhisattva who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas. He is one of the more widely revered bodhisattvas in mainstream Mahayana Buddhism. In Sanskrit, Avalokitesvara is also referred to as Padmapâni (“Holder of the Lotus”) or Lokeœvara (“Lord of the World”) .

Question : 3

Consider the following statements:

  1. The list of sixteen Mahajanapadas is available in Anguttara Nikaya.
  2. Asmaka Mahajanapada was situated on the bank of Godawari.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

a) 2 only

b) 1 only

c) Both 1 and 2

d) Neither 1 nor 2

Answer: (c)

The list of sixteen Mahajanapadas is available in Anguttara Nikaya. Asmaka Mahajanapada was situated on the bank of river Godavari.

The Anguttara Nikaya, the fourth division of the Sutta Pitaka, consists of several thousand suttas arranged in eleven books (nipatas) according to numerical content.

An excellent modern print translation of the complete Anguttara Nikaya is Bhikkhu Bodhi’s The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha:

Question : 4

Chandra Gupta Maura defeated Nandas with the help of?

a) Aswaghosa

b) Chanakya

c) Harisena

d) Jayasimha

Answer: (b)

Question : 5

The list of sixteen Mahajanapadas is available in

a) Chhandogya Upanishad

b) Mahabharata

c) Samyukta Nikaya

d) Anguttara Nikaya

Answer: (d)

The ancient Buddhist text Anguttara Nikaya gives the list of sixteen Mahajanapadas includes the Gandhara and the Kamboja as the only two salient Mahajanapadas in the Uttarapatha. Another Buddhist text Digha Nikaya mentions only twelve Mahajanapadas.

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