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In the following questions choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word.

Question : 1


a) Sliding

b) Straight

c) Slopping

d) Strained

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Answer: (b)

The word Meandering (Adjective) means :

not straight; curved; a course that does not follow a straight path.

Hence, the words meandering and straight are antonymous.

Question : 2


a) Inexcilable

b) Dispassionate

c) Enduring

d) Subdued

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Answer: (b)

The word Fervent (Adjective) means :

having or showing very strong and sincere feelings about something; ardent.

The word Dispassionate (Adjective) means: not influenced by emotion; impartial.

Hence, the words fervent and dispassionate are antonymous.

Question : 3


a) Unwillingness

b) Unfairness

c) Dullness

d) Vagueness

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Answer: (d)

The word Perspicuity (Noun) means :

clarity. The word vagueness (Noun) means : no clarity in a person’s mind.

Hence, the words perspicuity and Vagueness are antonymous.

Question : 4


a) Sanctity

b) Reverence

c) Falsehood

d) Rarity

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Answer: (c)

The word Verity (Noun) means :

a belief or principle about life that is accepted as true; truth.

Hence, the words verity and falsehood are antonymous

Question : 5


a) Monotonous

b) Ugly

c) Weak

d) Pale

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Answer: (d)

The word Florid (Adjective) means :

rosy; gaudy; ornated; red; having too much decoration or detail.

The word Pale (Adjective) means : light in colour; not strong or bright; having skin that is almost white because of illness.

Hence, the words florid and pale are antonymous.

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What is an Antonym?

An antonym is a word that means the opposite of another word. For example, the antonyms of 'Day' may be 'Night'. To know more check the list of examples provided below,

Antonyms (Opposites) Examples;

  • Awkward - Adroit, clever
  • Bold - Timid
  • Consent - Object Disagree
  • Calm - Stormy, turbulent
  • Honor - Denunciation, Shame
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Top 50+ Antonyms MCQs Examples With Solved Solutions for IBPS, SSC & Railway Exams

To better understand antonyms, let's take a look at what the word 'synonym' means. A Synonym is a word that has a similar meaning to or exactly the same meaning as another word. Synonyms and antonyms are exactly the opposite.

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