ecology and environment awareness - Category wise Question and Answer Practice Test with Solutions

ecology and environment awareness PRACTICE TEST [1 - EXERCISES]

set 1

Question : 1

The age of pyramid with broad base indicates

a) low percentage of young individuals

b) high percentage of old individuals

c) high percentage of young individuals

d) low percentage of old individuals

Answer: (c)

Question : 2

Habitat loss and fragmentation, over exploitation, alien species invasion and co-extinction are causes for

a) Migration

b) Biodiversity loss

c) Population explosion

d) Pollution

Answer: (b)

Question : 3

Green house gases include

a) CO2 , O2 , N2 , NO2 and NH3

b) CH4 , N2 , CO2 and NH3

c) CO2 , CFC, CH4 and NO2

d) CFC, CO2 , NH3 and N2

Answer: (c)

Question : 4

Which is not a part of atmosphere ?

a) Temperature

b) Edaphic factor

c) Light

d) Precipitation

Answer: (b)

Because edaphic factors affects through soil and rest are the climatic factors.

Question : 5

The animals which occupy the same trophic level are

a) Deer & Bees

b) Snakes & Earthworm

c) Lion & Bees

d) Crow & Cow

Answer: (d)

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