physiology of plants, humans and animals - Category wise Question and Answer Practice Test with Solutions

physiology of plants, humans and animals PRACTICE TEST [6 - EXERCISES]

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Question : 1 [RAS/RTS (Pre) 1997]

Identify parasite of the following.

a) Cuscuta

b) Bladderwort

c) Pitcher plant

d) Sunflower

Answer: (a)

Question : 2

Main similarity between hormone and enzyme is

a) both are proteins

b) both act at particular pH

c) both are required in small amounts

d) both can be used again and again

Answer: (c)

Question : 3 [CDS]

Cloves, used as a spice, are derived from which of the following plant parts?

a) Fruits

b) Seeds

c) Flower buds

d) Young leaves

Answer: (c)

Question : 4

Child death may occur in the marriage between

a) Rh+ man and Rh woman

b) Rh+ man and Rh+ woman

c) Rh man and Rh woman

d) Rh man and Rh+ woman

Answer: (a)

Rh factor was discovered by Karl Landsteiner. A child of $Rh^+$ man will be $Rh^+$ whether the mother is $Rh^+$ or $Rh^–$.

If the mother is $Rh^+$ then there will be no problem but if the mother is $Rh^–$ so when the blood of $Rh^+$ child (in the womb) mixes with the blood of $Rh^–$ mother then some antibodies in the mother’s blood are formed against $Rh^+$ factor which coagulates the womb blood causing death.

If birth takes place then there is a possibility of child death in the early years. This is known as erythroblastosis foetal. In most cases, the first pregnancy may succeed but after that, it fails.

Question : 5 [NDA]

Cure to spinal injury is likely to emerge from

a) stem cell therapy

b) gene therapy

c) xenograft

d) transfusion

Answer: (a)

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