electric current and magnetism - Category wise Question and Answer Practice Test with Solutions

electric current and magnetism PRACTICE TEST [9 - EXERCISES]

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Question : 1

For electroplating a spoon, it is placed in the voltameter at

a) the position of cathode

b) exactly in the middle of anode and cathode

c) the position of anode

d) anywhere in the electrolyte

Answer: (a)

In electroplating, the metallic ions are positive, which are deposited on cathode.

Question : 2 [UPPCS (Pre) 2007]

In a three-pin electrical plug longest pin should be connected to

a) Neutral terminal

b) Ground terminal

c) Live terminal

d) Any terminal

Answer: (b)

Question : 3

Whenever, current is changed in a coil, an induced e.m.f. is produced in the same coil. This property of the coil is due to

a) self induction

b) eddy currents

c) mutual induction

d) hysteresis

Answer: (a)

Question : 4

Potential at any point inside a charged hollow sphere

a) is a constant

b) decreases with distance from centre

c) increases with distance

d) is zero

Answer: (a)

As, E = $ -{dV}/{dr}$ or, O= $- {dV}/{dr}$

Because electric field inside a charged hollow sphere is zero. or, v = constant

Question : 5

Demagnetisation of magnets can be done by

a) magnetising in the opposite direction

b) rough handling

c) heating

d) All of the above

Answer: (d)

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