atomic structure molecules and nuclear chemistry - Category wise Question and Answer Practice Test with Solutions

atomic structure molecules and nuclear chemistry PRACTICE TEST [3 - EXERCISES]

set 1

set 2

set 3

Question : 1 [BPSC (Pre) 2002]

Which of the following carries a negative charge?

a) Alpha particles

b) Beta particles

c) X-rays

d) Gamma rays

Answer: (b)

Question : 2 [NDA]

How many moles of hydrogen atom are present in one mole of Aluminium hydroxide ?

a) Three moles

b) Two moles

c) one mole

d) Four moles

Answer: (a)

Question : 3

What is the mass (in grams) of 3 moles of N?

a) 42

b) 28

c) 14

d) 56

Answer: (a)

Question : 4

A group of atoms chemically bonded together is a (an)

a) ion

b) salt

c) molecule

d) element

Answer: (c)

In a molecule two or more than two atoms are convalently bonded with each other.

Question : 5

The percentage of copper and oxygen in samples of CuO obtained by different methods were found to be the same. The illustrate the law of

a) conservation of mass

b) multiple proportions

c) constant proportions

d) reciprocal proportions

Answer: (c)

Constant proportions according to which “a pure chemical compound always contains same elements combined together in the same definite proportion of weight.”

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