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based on one statement & two course of action

Statement & Course of Action Analytical Reasoning based one Statement and ...

based on one statement & three or more course of action

Verbal Reasoning Statement and Course of Action question-answer practice test, ...

statement & course of action Topic-wise Types, Definitions, Important fact & Techniques with Short Tricks & Tips useful for all competitive Examinations

"Statement and Course of Action" Verbal reasoning Types, Shortcut's, Techniques, Tricks & Tips, Methods PDF:

"A course of Action is a step taken to counter a given situation, problem or circumstance, so that either it may completely solve the problem or it may reduce the complexity of the problem and improve the situation."

In our daily life, a person faces problems with his business, travel, management, community, colleagues and family etc. These problems are needed to be solved and the way of acting or dealing to solve these troubles or situations is called the exact "Course of Action". Learn all topics of Verbal reasoning. which is given under 4 types of sections useful for all kind of exams.

A course of action is considered appropriate or acceptable only when it completely or partially solves the problem, otherwise not. The problem or situation may vary in different circumstances and so its solution will vary.

So, a careful examination of the problem is required to reach an accurate course of action.

Get proper and better understanding & to clear all doubts on this statement and course of action topic, you need to learn all the basics and fundamentals of the concepts based on this section, The followings information will help you to learn and teaches you all about the topic, You will get the complete knowledge on this section by the followings,

  1. What are the basic types of problems seen in this course fo action?
  2. What are the important conditions of problems for the correctness of course of action?
  3. How to determine whether a course of action solves/reduces/minimizes a problem?
  4. Diagramatic representation of statement & course of action
  5. What are the different types of questions covered in this statement & course of action topic?

What are the "Basic Types" of problems seen in this course fo action?

The statement and corse of action topic can be driven two types of problems as which are discussed below one by one,

  1. Simple Problem

These problems can be determined by a simple action. Because there is no need for proposed, accelerated and fixed action to get rid of such problems.

In fact, such problems need a slight improvement to be preserved and this slight improvement can be made by putting a simple effort.

  1. Complex Problem

In this type of questions, due to large intensity, a planned, accelerated and solid action is required to get rid of it. In other words, a simple action or effort is useless in this case and a perfect strategy is needed to take an accelerated solid action.

What are the "Important Conditions" of problems for the Correctness of Course of Action?

A ‘course of action’ will be correct, if when the following conditions occur true, as

  • It solves or reduces or minimizes the problem.
  • The suggested solution is a practical one.

How to determine whether a 'COURSE OF ACTION' "solves/reduces/minimizes" a problem?

The course of action will be dtermined by the following "four" things, This will help you to determine the given course of action will solves or reduces or minimizes the statement.

  1. On the basis of established facts, we can check the validity of a given course of action i.e., whether the suggested solution solves/reduces/minimizes the problem or not. An established fact may be scientifically established or universally or socially acknowledged.
  2. If a solution suggested by ‘course of action’ seems to correct on the basis of our experience, then the given ‘course of action’ will solve/reduce/minimizes the problem otherwise the suggested solution is incorrect.
  3. Sometimes a new problem may come our way and we do not have any previous experience about it. In this case, our logical and reasoning ability help us in deciding the validity of the solution suggested by the given course of action.
  4. In some cases, the validity of the solution suggested by the given course of action is decided on the basis of prevailing notions of truth. In other words, we can say that sometimes, as per the societal norms, it is determined whether a particular course of action solves/reduces/minimizes the given problem or not.

Diagramatic representation of "Statement & Course of Action"

Following flow chart will give a step-by-step method for check correctness of a course of action


What are the different types of questions covered in this "STATEMENT & COURSE OF ACTION" topic?

Mainly two types of questions are asked from Statement and Course of Action, which are discussed as given under are based on the types of questions asked in various competitive exams,

In this each types of questions we provided maximum number of examples to claer all types of doubts that may occur in any examinations.

We have provided a deticated question and answer "MCQ test model" with fully solved solutions for all individual topics and their sub topics clearly, its a 24 X 7 Free Online platform for all kind of exams and very useful preparations. Start your "Self Beginnings"

Refer: Useful practice test, shortcut's & tricks for solving all types of problems on "Statement & Course of Action".

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