microsoft windows operating system Practice Questions Answers Test with Solutions & More Shortcuts

Question : 1 [SBI Clerk, 2009]

The rectangular area of the screen that displays a program, data and /or information is a

a) title bar

b) button

c) dialog box

d) window

e) None of these

Answer: (d)

Question : 2

What is a file?

a) A file is a section of main storage used to store data.

b) A file is a collection of information that has been given a name and is stored in secondary memory.

c) A file is the part of a program that is used to describe what the program should do.

d) A file is another name for floppy disk.

e) None of the above

Answer: (b)

Question : 3 [IBPS Clerk, 2011]

When a chart is placed on this, it is much larger and there is no other data on it

a) Chart sheet

b) Exclusive sheet

c) Primary sheet

d) Reference sheet

e) None of these

Answer: (a)

Question : 4 [SBI PO, 2013]

Which of the following refers to the rectangular area for displaying information and running programs ?

a) Desktop

b) Dialog box

c) Menu

d) Window

e) Icon

Answer: (d)

Question : 5 [SBI Clerk, 2009]

Help Menu is available at which button?

a) End

b) Start

c) Turnoff

d) Restart

e) None of these

Answer: (b)


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