operating system Practice Questions Answers Test with Solutions & More Shortcuts

Question : 1

Of the following which is the methods for allocating disks

a) Contiguous

b) Linked

c) Indexed

d) All of the above

Answer: (b)

Question : 2

In the following processes: a = a + 1; b = 2 × b; b = b + 1; a = 2 × a; the output is.

a) a > b

b) a < b

c) a = b

d) None of these.

Answer: (d)

Question : 3

The page table that is maintained by operating system

a) Shows frame location for each page of the process

b) Shows actual address in main memory

c) Referrer memory location to memory

d) None of these.

Answer: (a)

Question : 4


a) are used to do I/O

b) Synchronize critical resources to prevent contention

c) synchronize critical resources to prevent deadlock.

d) allow processes to communicate with one another.

Answer: (c)

Question : 5

In memory management :A-Fixed allocation policy, B-Variable allocation policy: 1-It gives a process a fixed number of frames in main memory within which to execute. 2-It allows the number of page frames allocated to a process to be varied over the life time of the process. 3-In it a number of allocated frames are decided at initial load time.

a) A - 1, 3, B - 2

b) A - 1, B - 3

c) A - 2, B - 1, 3

d) A - 1, 2, B - 3

Answer: (a)


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