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Meaning & Definition of Blood Relation in Verbal Reasoning:

December 05, 2022, By Careericons

What is Blood Relation?

Blood Relations mean any relation between two or more persons which is acquired by them by the virtue of their birth. It is found between two individuals is defined as a relation between them by virtue of their birth rather than by their marriage or any other reasons.

It is a biological relation. Remember a wife and husband are met biologically related but they are biological parents of their own children

Similarly, brother, sister, paternal grandfather, paternal grandmother maternal grandfather, maternal grandmother, grandson, granddaughter, niece, cousin etc. are our blood relatives.

What are the types of Blood Relation in Verbal Reasoning?

There are mainly two types of blood relatives:

  1. Blood relation from paternal side
  2. Blood relation from maternal side


This type of blood relation can be further subdivided into three types:

  1. Past generations of father:

    Great grandfather, great grandmother, grandfather, grandmother etc.

  2. Parallel generations of father:

    Uncles - Brothers of father, Aunts - sisters of father etc.

  3. Future generations of father:

    Sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters etc.


This type of blood relations can also be subdivided into three types:

  1. Past generations of mother:

    Maternal great grandfather, maternal great grandmother, maternal grandfather, maternal grandmother etc.

  2. Parallel generations of mother:

    Maternal uncles, maternal aunts etc.

  3. Future generations of mother:

    Sons, daughters, grandson’s, granddaughter’s etc.

Table 1: Different relationships between the family members of different generations are given as below;




Three generation above

Great grandfather, Maternal great grandfather, Paternal great grandfather,  Great grandfather-in-law

Great grandmother, Maternal great grandmother, Paternal great grandmother, Great grandmother-in-law

Two generation above

Grandfather, Maternal grandfather, Paternal grandfather, Grandfather-in-law

Grandmother, Maternal grandmother, Paternal grandmother, Grandmother-in-law

One generation above

Father, Uncle, Maternal uncle, Paternal uncle, Father-in-law

Mother, Aunt, Maternal aunt, Paternal aunt, Mother-in-law

Current generation (self)

Husband, Brother, Cousin, Brother-in-law

Wife, Sister, Cousin, Sister-in-law

One generation below

Son, Nephew, Son-in-law

Daughter, Niece, Daughter-in-law

Two generation below

Grandson, Grandson-in-law

Granddaughter, Granddaughter-in-law

Three generation below

Great Grandson, Great Grandson-in-law

Great Granddaughter, Great Granddaughter-in-law

Table 2: Relations from One Generation to Next Generation:

Generation I

Grandfather, Grandmother, Maternal Grandfather, Maternal Grandmother

Generation II

Mother, Father, Mother-in-law, Father-in-law, Uncle, Aunt, Maternal Uncle, Maternal Aunt

Generation III

Self, Sister, Sister-in-law, Brother, Brother-in-law, Cousin, Husband, Wife

Generation IV

Son, Daughter, Nephew, Niece, Daughter-in-law, Son-in-law

Generation V

Grandson & Granddaughter

Generation VI

Great grandson, Great granddaughter

Table 3: Learn this list of important types of Blood Relations:


Relation Name

Father of Grandfather or Grandmother

Great grandfather

Father of mother’s father

Great Maternal grandfather

Father of maternal grandfather

Great Maternal grandfather

Father of father’s father

Great grandfather

Mother of Grandfather or Grandmother,

Great grandmother

Mother of mother’s mother

Great Maternal grandmother

Mother of Maternal Grandmother

Great Maternal grandmother

Mother of father’s mother

Great grandmother

Father of Father

Grand Father

Husband of Grand Mother

Grand Father

Father-in-law of Father/Mother

Grand Father

Father of mother

Maternal grand father

Mother of Father

Grand Mother

Wife of Grand Father

Grand mother

Mother-in-law of Father/Mother

Grand Mother

Mother of mother

Maternal Grand Mother

Father’s Father/Mother only Son


Husband of Mother


Only son of grandfather


Only Daughter-in-law of Father’s Father/Father’s Mother


Wife of Father


Only daughter of maternal grandfather


Only Daughter-in-law of grandfather/ grandmother


Second Wife of Father

Step Mother

Brother of Father


Husband of Aunt


Son of grandfather other than father


Son of Maternal grandfather/Maternal grandmother

Maternal Uncle

Brother of mother

Maternal Uncle

Sister of Father or Mother


Wife of Maternal Uncle


Daughter of grandfather


Wife of Uncle


Daughter-in-law of grandfather/grandmother

Aunt other than mother

Daughter-in-law of maternal grandfather/grandmother

Aunt maternal

Son of Grand Father/Mother


Daughter of Father-in-law/ Mother-in-law of Father


Father of Wife/Husband


Mother of Wife/Husband


Children of same Parents


Father’s/Mother’s only Son/Daughter


Son of Father or Mother


Daughter of Father or Mother


Son of second wife of Father

Step Brother

Daughter of second wife of Father

Step Sister

Son/Daughter of Uncle/Aunt


Son/Daughter of Maternal uncle/Maternal Aunt


Son/Daughter of Sister of Father


Son/Daughter of Sister of Mother


Brother of Husband or Wife


Sister of Husband or Wife


Husband of sister/Sister-in-law


Son of Father


Mother of Son/Daughter


Father of Daughter/Son


Son of son of Grandmother/ Grandfather


Daughter of son of Grandmother/Grandfather


Son of brother or sister


Daughter of brother or sister


Grandson of Father/Mother


Granddaughter of Father/Mother


Husband of Daughter


Wife of brother/Brother-in-law


Wife of son


Son of son/daughter


Daughter of son/daughter


Son’s/Daughter’s grandson

Great grandson

Son’s/Daughter’s granddaughter

Great granddaughter

Neither brother nor sister


What are the different types of questions covered in this Blood Relation?

In Blood relation questions there are mainly classified into three types. The questions will involve in the analysis of information showing the blood relationship members of the family. In this, a chain of relationships is given in the form of information and basis of this information, the relation between any two members of the chain is asked from that candidates are supposed to be familiar with the knowledge of different relationships in the family.

Generally, the questions based on a blood relation deal with the hierarchical structure of the family (i.e., seven generations of the family) which is generally three generations above and the generation below the current generation,

The 3 main types of blood relation questions asked in the verbal reasoning section are,

Type 1: Conversation or Deciphering Jumbled-up description Based Blood Relation Questions

Type 2: Blood Relation Questions based on Relation Puzzles

Type 3: Symbolically Coded Relation based Blood Relationship Questions

Questions Based on 'Blood Relations' are related to our day-to-day life. In the questions examiner defines the simple relationship by using complicated set of definitions and candidates have to comprehend these definitions quickly.

In order to solve these questions one should have an adequate knowledge of 'blood relations'.

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Tricks & Tips to solve Blood Relation problems:

How to solve all types of Blood relation problems?

Refer: Individual Explanations for All Types of Blood Relations

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