SBI clerk prelims 2019 - Category wise Question and Answer Practice Test with Solutions & PDF


SBI clerk prelims 2019

SBI clerk prelims 22 Feb 2020


The following question carries one statement with one blank. Choose the most appropriate word from the options to fill the blank.

[S.B.I.(clerk) 2019]

Question : 1 [sbi-clerk-2019]

The local goons tried to ___________ him into retracting his complain.

a) Scare

b) Stalls

c) Rendered

d) Forcing

e) Destroyed

Answer: (a)

To retract means to withdraw a statement or accusation.

The word "goon" is used to refer to a violent criminal who is paid to work for the blank. The infinitive "to" should be followed by the base form of the verb.

Hence, options D and E can be eliminated. "Goons" is a plural subject, thus, a singular verb "stalls" cannot be used. "Render" is incorrect in the given context.

Thus, option A is the correct answer.

Question : 2 [sbi-clerk-2019]

The __________ of success depends completely on the amount of effort we put in

a) Ranges

b) Drop

c) Want

d) Possibly

e) Likelihood

Answer: (e)

"Likelihood" means the state or fact of something's being likely; probability. None of the other words except 'likelihood' will fit in the blank.

This is because the statement uses the words 'depends' which indicates that something is determined by something else. This provides the base for a possibility.

Thus, option E is the correct answer.

Question : 3 [sbi-clerk-2019]

She lied blatantly, thus, driving the _________ of the police officers.

a) Visiting

b) Attention

c) Duty

d) Duty

e) Supplies

Answer: (d)

"Blatantly" means in an open and unashamed manner. If someone lies outrightly, it will definitely make the police suspicious.

So, option D is the correct answer.

Question : 4 [sbi-clerk-2019]

When the elephants saw so much water in the lake, they ___________.

a) Happy

b) Rejoiced

c) Declined

d) Sentenced

e) Awaited

Answer: (b)

Since the sentence talks about an incident that occurred in the past, the word in the blank must be in the past tense.

This eliminates option A. Among the other options, "rejoiced" (feel or show great joy or delight) is the best fit.

Question : 5 [sbi-clerk-2019]

All the members had assembled _______ the chairman of the committee.

a) Although

b) Except

c) Because

d) So

e) Notwithstanding

Answer: (b)

None of the conjunctions but "except" fit in the passage.

The sentence now means that the chairman of the committee was not present.

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