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In each of the following questions, choose the word opposite (or) ANTONYMS in meaning to the given word as your answer.

The following question based on antonyms topic of general english mcq


(a) prominent

(b) joyous

(c) thankful

(d) unprejudiced

The correct answers to the above question in:

Answer: (b)

joyous (Adjective) : a feeling of great happiness; very happy; delighted.

disconsolate (Adjective) : very unhappy and disappointed; dejected.

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Question : 1


a) smelly

b) clammy

c) freezing

d) cozy

Answer: (c)

freezing (Adj.) : extremely cold

sweltering (Adjective) : stifling; very hot and uncomfortable.

Cozy (Adjective) : warm, comfortable and safe; easy and convenient.

clammy (Adj.) : damp in an unpleasant way

Question : 2


a) agree

b) weak

c) praise

d) disagree

Answer: (d) 


concur (Verb) : to agree

Question : 3


a) unimaginative

b) immature

c) ignorant

d) professional

Answer: (c)

ignorant (Adj.) : lacking knowledge or information about something ; not educated.

erudite (Adj.) : having or showing great knowledge ; learned

Question : 4


a) starve

b) foster

c) sustain

d) strengthen

Answer: (a)

starve (Verb) : to suffer/ die becuase you do not have enough food to eat

nourish (Verb ) : to keep a person/ plant alive and healthy with food

foster (V. ) : to encourage something to develop 

sustain (V.) : to provide enough of what somebody/something needs in order to live/exist

Question : 5


a) respond

b) survive

c) attack

d) resist

Answer: (d)


yield (V) : give way ; to stop resisting somebody/something.

Question : 6


a) negate

b) annul

c) invalidate

d) implement

Answer: (d)

implement (Verb) : to make something that has been officially decided to start, to happen or be used; carry out

revoke (Verb) : to officially cancel something so that it is no longer valid; invalidate

negate (V.) : to stop something from having any effect ; nullify

annul (V.) : to state officially that something is no longer legally valid

invalidate (V.) : to prove that an idea, a story, an argument, etc. is wrong

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