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"Assertion is a strong and effective or claims made in regard to a thing, element for its use and effects. Reason means a fact, matter or statement that provides an explanation to the assertion.".

This chapter is basically meant to estimate the candidate's technical data and his ability to reason out correctly. In the questions, two statements are given. Out of these two statements, one is the assertion (A) and other is the Reason (R) : It is needed to examine whether the reason is an excellent and correct explanation of the assertion. Some times both assertion and reason are correctly stated facts but the reason does not accurately explain the assertion. So, different circumstances can exist between these two statements and therefore the correct answer is marked from the given choices.

The models given here will give you a more immeasurable idea about 'Assertion and Reason' and learn the all others topic's covered under Verbal reasoning.

Directions (Example Nos. 1 – 10)

Choose the correct alternative from the following options for the Assertion (A) and Reason (R) given below.

  1. If Both 'A' and 'R' are true and 'R' is the correct explanation of 'A',
  2. If Both 'A' and 'R' are true but 'R' is not the correct explanation of 'A',
  3. If 'A' is true but 'R' is false,
  4. If 'A' is false but 'R' is true, and
  5. If Both 'A' and 'R' are false.
Exampe 1:
  • Assertion (A):
  • A body weights less when immersed in water.
  • Reason (R):
  • Newton's law explains the above phenomenon.
Solution 1:

A is true and R is false, A body weights less when immersed in water but this law was given by Archimedes', not by Newton.

∴ Option (c) is the correct answer.

Exampe 2:
  • Assertion (A):
  • Silver is not used to make wires.
  • Reason (R):
  • Silver is a bad conductor.
Solution 2:

Silver is not used to make wires, hence Assertion is true but silver is not a bad conductor, it is a good conductor. Hence, Reason is false.

∴ Option (c) is the correct answer.

Exampe 3:
  • Assertion (A):
  • Salt is added to cook food at higher altitudes.
  • Reason (R):
  • Temperature is lower at higher altitudes.
Solution 3:

As pressure decreases at higher altitudes, water boils much below 100°C, so that the food does not get sufficient heat for being cooked. Salt increases the boiling point of water.

∴ Option (b) is the correct answer.

Exampe 4:
  • Assertion (A):
  • We feel colder on mountain than on plains.
  • Reason (R):
  • Temperature decreases with altitude.
Solution 4:

Temperature decreases with altitude.

∴ Option (a) is the correct answer.

Exampe 5:
  • Assertion (A):
  • Baking soda creates acidity in the stomach.
  • Reason (R):
  • Baking soda is alkaline.
Solution 5:

Being alkaline, baking soda neutralizes the acidity in the stomach.

∴ Option (d) is the correct answer.

Exampe 6:
  • Assertion (A):
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  • Reason (R):
  • Apple are very costly.
Solution 6:

'An apple a day keeps the doctor away' is definitely true but the statement R may or may not be true. Hence, A is true but R is false.

∴ Option (c) is the correct answer.

Exampe 7:
  • Assertion (A):
  • We feel comfortable in hot and humid climate.
  • Reason (R):
  • Sweat evaporates faster in humid climate.
Solution 7:

We do not feel comfortable in hot and humid climate as in hot weather, body sweats more but this sweat does not evaporates easily because of high humidity.

∴ Option (e) is the correct answer.

Exampe 8:
  • Assertion (A):
  • Seeds should be treated with fungicide before sowing.
  • Reason (R):
  • Without treating with fungicides, the seeds do not germinate.
Solution 8:

Both A and R are true and R correctly explains A.

∴ Option (a) is the correct answer.

Exampe 9:
  • Assertion (A):
  • There is rainbow in the sky only after rains.
  • Reason (R):
  • Water drops suspended in the air break up sun's rays into seven colours.
Solution 9:

Water droplets act like prisms. Sun's rays falling on water droplets undergo dispersion, producing spectrum.

∴ Option (a) is the correct answer.

Exampe 10:
  • Assertion (A):
  • Good performance at work causes satisfaction.
  • Reason (R):
  • Job satisfaction results in good performance.
Solution 10:

'Good performance at work causes satisfaction' is definitely true but it cannot be determined whether job satisfaction results in good performance or not. Hence, A is true but R is false.

∴ Option (c) is the correct answer.

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Refer: Useful shortcut's & tricks for solving any problems on "ASSERTION & REASON".

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