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In this article, we have complied with very important information on the "My Reminiscence Prose Written by Rabindranath Tagore" for the current TNPSC Group 2, 2A 2022 Preliminary Examination. Get complete study material for all General English syllabus wise with subject topics which help to clear this preliminary exam 2022.

This article provides you with.

  1. Vocabulary Parts of prose My Reminiscence,&
  2. Where to study information for all other prose & supplementary.

TNPSC Group-II / IIA Services 2022 New Revised Syllabus (Objective Type Examination)

General English Syllabus-wise Study Materials

SSLC Standard For Preliminary Exam


Before going to the syllabus, check the prelims and mains detailed exam patterns. The Prelims exam is just to screen out the non-serious candidates from the selection process. The prelims exam is only qualifying in nature and candidates have to score a minimum of 90 marks to qualify. Here we have provided the main highlight of the TNPSC Group 2 Prelims exam.

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The importance of reading this prose "My Reminiscence" written by "Rabindranath Tagore" is clearly described in the revised new syllabus as shown below,

  1. This prose comes under the "Part-C" of the General English New Revised Syllabus.
  2. It's also noticed separately in the "List of Prose & Supplementary". Where it consists of 14 prose and supplementary & this prose is listed as number 11.

General English Syllabus-Wise Study Materials which includes, Part - C (Literary Works)

  1. List of 14 Prose & Supplementary's - Click Here
  2. Name of the Author, &
  3. Grammar & Vocabulary Parts.

Source: Official TNPSC Group 2 2A - Syllabus & Notification 2022.

Let us discuss & read the prose "My Reminiscence" written by Rabindranath Tagore (Which is also a prose in Unit - 4 of 8th standard of Tamil Nadu Samacheer Books) in detail with all examples of model questions asked in the previous TNPSC examinations.

"My Reminiscence - Rabindranath Tagore"

"Vocabulary Section" For Supplementary - My Reminiscence By Rabindranath Tagore

What is Clipped Words, Explain with examples?

Clipping is the word formation process which consists in the reduction of a word to one of its parts. These words are called clipped words.

advertisement – ad luncheon – lunch
automobile – auto mathematics – math
cabriolet – cab memorandum – memo
examination – exam moving picture – movie
fanatic – fan pantaloons – pants
gasoline – gas photograph – photo
gymnasium – gym refrigerator – fridge
hamburger – burger university – varsity
influenza – flu zoological park – zoo
aboratory – lab telephone - phone

a. Find out the clipped words for the following.

  1. aeroplane
  2. microphone
  3. exhibition
  4. kilogram
  5. cafeteria


  1. plane
  2. mike
  3. expo
  4. kilo
  5. cafe

b. Find and use the clipped words in your own sentence.

1. photograph - photo – This photo is very good.
2.gymnasium - gym– I go to the gym everyday.
3.luncheon - lunch– We had our lunch at this home.
4. advertisement - ad– Give an ad for this product.
5.zoological park - zoo– My friend visited the zoo yesterday.

What do you mena "Blends", Explain with suitable examples?

A blend word or a blend is a word formed from parts of two or more other words.

binary + digit = bit
breakfast + lunch= brunch
camera + recorder= camcorder
electro + execute= electrocute
electronic + mail= email
mechanics + electronics= mechatronics
motor + pedals= moped
motor + hotel = motel
news + broadcast= newscast
smoke + fog= smog
Spanish + English= Spanglish
vital + amine= vitamin

a. Find out the blended words for the following.

  1. international + police
  2. helicopter + pad
  3. motor + hotel
  4. education + satellite
  5. electronic + commerce


  1. Interpol
  2. helipad
  3. motel
  4. edusat
  5. E-commerce

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b. Use the blended words in your own sentence.

1. electrocute

Don't touch that wire or else you will electrocute yourself.

2. Spanglish

She speaks Spanglish well.

3. moped

He moped about in the house all day.

4. brunch

I had my brunch at 12 noon.

5. smog

The thick smog caused many problems for the people of this area.

What do you mean "Idioms", given an example?

An idiom (also called idiomatic expression) is an expression, word or phrase that has a figurative meaning conventionally understood by native speakers. This meaning is different from the literal meaning of the idiom's individual elements. In other words, idioms don't mean exactly what the words say. They have, however, hidden meaning.


"Kick the bucket". The meaning of the expression is different from the literal meaning or definition of the word of which it is made. The meaning is used figuratively - "to die". Here are some interesting idioms.

Food Idioms - Example

1. Bad Egg - A dishonest or ill-behaved person.

Example: He was a bad egg.

2. A piece of cake - A task that can be accomplished very easily.

Example: English is a piece of cake.

  • a couch potato – an idle person
  • bread and butter – the necessities
  • a smart cookie – a clever person
  • big cheese – an important person

Sport Idioms - Example

1. The ball is in your court - It is your turn to make a decision.

Example: I've done more than my share in this partnership. The ball is in your court to decide what happens next.

2. Saved by the bell - Saved by a last minute intervention.

Example: The accused was saved by the bell otherwise the judge would have pronounced the sentence today itself.

  • to strike out – to fail at something
  • jump for joy – happy
  • on the ball – fully aware and in control of a situation
  • front runner – expected to win or succeed

Number Idioms - Example

1. On cloud nine - Blissfully happy.

Example: The grandmother was on cloud nine to see her grandson after a long time.

2. At sixes and sevens - confused or in a state of disorder.

Example: The government were at sixes and sevens over what to do about the unemployment rate.

  • one-horse town – very small town or village
  • take five – take a short break
  • seventh heaven – very happy about something
  • perfect ten – completely perfect

Colours Idioms - Example

1. Caught red-handed - to catch someone in the act of doing something.

Example: He was caught red-handed while stealing those candy bars.

2. Black sheep - to be the outcast, odd one out, unlike the others.

Example: Rachel is the black sheep in the team.

  • out of the blue – randomly, surprisingly
  • once in a blue moon – very rarely
  • gray area – unclear, undefined
  • a golden opportunity– a good chance to get something valuable

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Animal Idioms - Example

1. At a snail's pace - Moving very slowly.

Example: Traffic is moving at a snail's pace.

2. let the cat out of the bag - reveal a secret.

Example: Who let the cat out of the bag about the surprise party?

  • the lion's share – the biggest part
  • watch like a hawk – watching carefully
  • fish out of water – very uncomfortable
  • mad as a hornet – extremely angry

Match with the meanings for the following Idioms.

  1. a piece of cake - Moving very slowly
  2. on cloud nine - easy
  3. perfect ten - Blissfully happy
  4. at a snail's pace - someone who is cherished above all others
  5. apple of my eye - completely perfect


  1. easy
  2. Blissfully happy
  3. completely perfect
  4. Moving very slowly
  5. someone who is cherished above all others

Fill in the blanks with the meanings for the following Idioms.

  1. take five - for a break.
  2. pieces of eight - treasure.
  3. black and blue - severely.
  4. wild goose chase - wasteful.
  5. seventh heaven - very happy.
  6. a couch potato - lazy person.
  7. the lion's share - biggest share.
  8. in black and white - written.
  9. drop the ball - making a mistake.
  10. cat's meow - excellent.

Listening Activity:

Listen to the Passage carefully and answers the following Questions:-

1. The Nobel Committee has been called a conservative body because

  1. it is conservative in the choice of subjects.
  2. its members believe in conservative ideology.
  3. its members are old fashioned.
  4. it awards prizes only to those people who adopt a conservative approach.

(a) it is conservative in the choice of subjects.

2. In the beginning, the Nobel Committee ignored the great advances in theoretical physics because

  1. they were different from other branches of physics.
  2. they were concerned with the theory and did not suggest its application.
  3. the Committee felt that the discovery and invention in the field did not contribute to the benefit of mankind.
  4. they proved to be merchants of death and hence dangerous to mankind.

(c) the Committee felt that the discovery and invention in the field did not contribute to the benefit of mankind.

3. The noble prize would not be given to

  1. a diplomat who negotiated a peace settlement
  2. a doctor who discovered a vaccine
  3. a composer who composed a symphony
  4. an author who wrote a novel

(c) a composer who composed a symphony

4. Alfred Nobel left his colossal fortune to the cause of progress in human knowledge because he

  1. was ‘Europe’s richest vagabond’
  2. were a chemist, engineer and an aspiring poet
  3. felt guilty for having invented highly destructive things
  4. felt guilty for having earned so much money

(c) felt guilty for having invented highly destructive things

Speaking Activity:

Two Minute Speech

Good morning to all,

We all gathered here for the inauguration of our English Literary Association.

On this occasion, I extend a special welcome to our chief guest, Dr. Velavan, who will be inaugurating the literary association.

With great gratitude, I welcome the Head master and the teachers, for without their support this gathering is not possible.

Finally, my friends, who are waiting to be enlightened and enriched by the speeches. Welcome you all my friends.

Once again I welcome you all on behalf of our school.

Thank you.


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Importnat Topics Provided in the latest Syllabus of "TNPSC Group 2 & 2a Prelims Exam 2022"

Part - C: Literary Works

1. List of Prose & Supplementary with "Where To Study" in Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kavli School Books:

Important "LIST OF PROSE" for General English Section of TNPSC GROUP 2 & 2A 2022 PRELIMINARY EXAMINATION

SI. NO Name of the Prose and Supplementary Name of the Author Where to Study
1 His First Flight Liam O'Flaherty 10th, Unit-1 - Prose
2 The Tempest Tales From Shakespeare 10th, Unit-1 - Supplementary
3 The Last Lesson Alphonse Daudet 10th, Unit-6 - Prose
4 The Little Hero of Holland Mary Mapes Dodge 10th, Unit-6 - Supplementary
5 The Dying Detective Arthur Conan Doyle 10th, Unit-7 - Prose
6 Learning the Game (Book Extract) Sachin Tendulkar 9th, Unit-1 - Prose
7 The Cat and the Painkiller (An Extract from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer) Mark Twain 9th, Unit-4 - Supplementary
8 Water – The Elixir of Life Sir C.V.Raman 9th, Unit-5 - Prose
9 The Story of a Grizzly Cub William Temple Hornaday 9th, Unit-5 - Supplementary
10 Sir Isaac Newton Nathaniel Hawthorne 8th, Unit-3 - Prose
11 My Reminiscence Rabindranath Tagore 8th, Unit-4 - Prose
12 The Woman on Platform 8 Ruskin Bond 8th, Unit-1 - Supplementary
13 The Nose Jewel C.Rajagopalachari 8th, Unit-1 - Prose
14 A Birthday Letter Jawaharlal Nehru 9th, Unit-7 - Prose

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