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statement & assumptions Topic-wise Types, Definitions, Important fact & Techniques with Short Tricks & Tips useful for all competitive Examinations

"Statement and Assumptions" Verbal reasoning Types, Shortcut's, Techniques, Tricks & Tips, Examples PDF:

"The statement is a message or a fact related to any usual subject and Assumptions is the hidden or unspoken part of the statement. An assumption is said to be protected because it is generally believed, supposed and taken for granted."

When we examine the assumption, we find that when one speaks or addresses something, they do not put everything into information and leaves some part unsaid or unwritten. Eg., "Why does he do so? He does so". Because he takes this unsaid part for granted.

In other words, he believes or thinks this unsaid part will be understood without saying and there is no need to put this (unsaid part) into words. Learn all types of "Statement & Assumptions" with fully solved examples and also parctice all topics given under the Verbal reasoning.

For your better understanding & to clear all doubts on this statement and assumption topic you need to learn all the basics and fundamentals of the concepts based on this menu, The followings information will teach you all about it, You will get the complete knowledge on this section,

  1. What are the special rules related to assumptions?
  2. What are the basic conditions for invalidity of assumptions?
  3. What are the purpose of using specific words and where in diffrent cases?
  4. What are the basic Rules regarding assumptions with reasons explained?
  5. What are the different types of questions covered in this statement & assumption topic with practice test & shortcut's links?

Let's learn the concepts one by one with detailed exaplanations & sutiable examples.

What are the "Special Rules" related to assumptions?

What are the basic "Conditions for Invalidity" of assumptions?

There are totally "six" most basic conditions for the invalidation of assumptions. Which are given below and discussed briefly,

No: 1 💡 An assumption is said to be invalid if it has no connection with the given statement.

No: 2 💡 An assumption becomes invalid if it is a restatement of the given statement in different words.

No: 3 💡 If the given assumption is an obversion of given statement, then the assumption is said to be invalid. Obversion is a slightly different case of restarting the same fact. In it, out of subject, verb and predicate, any two are changed into negative which changes the appearance of the sentence without changing its meaning.

No: 4 💡 When we study the chapter of syllogism, we find that we convert given statements to get immediate inferences. There are three standard cases of conversion.

Point to be noted that the given assumptions will be invalid if they are such conversions.

No: 5 💡 An assumption is said to be invalid if it is an inference derivable from the given statement. Remember that an assumption is something on which the statement is based while an inference of a statement is based upon the statement.

No: 6 💡 Sometimes a given assumption appears to be probably correct but is declared invalid as it makes too farfetched reasoning or long drawn conclusions.

What are the purpose of "using specific words" and where in "diffrent cases"?

Each and every words has its own type of usages with their meanings by the time, situation, places etc., But its boardly classified into "two" namely at the time of definitive words case and while using conjunctions. We explained those two in the following.

    Case: 1 Definitive words case:

  1. Let us consider some of the keywords like 'only', 'best', 'certainly', 'strongest, all ere Such words put a greater degree of emphasis on the sentence, they give a certain type of exclusiveness to the sentence which reduces the range or scope of the sentence, Point to be noted that all these words have some kind of certainty associated with them.
  2. Case: 2 Cases of conjunction:

  3. If a statement has two clauses and the given clauses are linked by conjunction, then the nature of conjunction helps in detecting assumptions. Such conjunction máy be 'as', because', 'so', 'hence', therefore', 'despite', 'in spite of, 'even', 'after', 'although', 'as a result of etc.

What are the basic "Rules" regarding assumptions with reasons exaplined?

There are "five" types of rules related to finalize the information given in the assumption & make claer about the reason. We have provided below which will clear all your doubts.

Rule: 1

If A says something to B, it means A assumes that will hear what he (A) says. 

Reason: When we say something, we expect we will be heard. Without expecting so, there is no purpose of saying anything to anyone.

Rule: 2

Any form of advertisements is given by assuming that people will respond to such materials.

Reason: The purpose of such materials is getting a response from the targeted mass. Therefore, without assuming response from targeted mass, any kind of advertisement is of no use.

Rule: 3

Any form of public interest notice official notice is assumed to be paid attention to.

Reason: The purpose of such notice is to benefit the people/organisation and Its ignorance may be harmful. Therefore, authorities must issue such notices.

Rule: 4

If an appeal is made, it is assumed that the appeal will get a response. the report, a notice

Reason: An appeal is made only when we expect the desired result from it. Why will we make an appeal when we do not expect a positive response? Therefore, we appeal with thinking that the desired purpose will be fulfilled through it.

Rule: 5

Finally, a single statement can have more than one assumptions. Let us consider the statement given in the example of A.

What are the different types of questions covered in this "STATEMENT & ASSUMPTION" topic?

Mainly two types of questions are asked from Statement and Assumptions, which are discussed as given under are based on the types of questions asked in various competitive exams,

In this each types of questions we provided maximum number of examples to claer all types of doubts that may occur in any examinations.

We have provided a deticated practice test model for all individual topics and their sub topics clearly, its a 24 X 7 Online platform for your exam preparations and its totally free. Make use of it and "Be the most beneficiary person"

Refer: Useful practice test, shortcut's & tricks for solving all types of problems on "Statement & Assumptions".

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