ranking time sequential and alphabet test Model Questions & Answers, Practice Test for ibps rrb po prelims (2023)

Question :1

P, Q, R and T answered an Examination. In the result Q was immediately followed by ‘P’. ‘R’ was ahead of ‘Q’ but could not score as much as ‘T’. Who scored the second highest?

Answer: (a)

Q > P ...(i)

T > R > Q ...(ii)

Combining these two statements.

T > R > Q > P

Clearly, R scored the second highest.

Question :2

Rakesh is on 9th position from upwards and on 38th position from downwards in a class. How many students are in class?

Answer: (a)

Total students = [Rakesh's position from upwards + Rakesh's position from downwards] – 1

= [9 + 38] – 1 = 46

Question :3

Examine the following statements: 1. Rama scored more than Rani. 2. Rani scored less than Ratna. 3. Ratna scored more than Rama. 4. Padma scored more than Rama but less than Ratna. Who scored the highest?

Answer: (d)

Ratna > Padma > Rama > Rani

Thus Ratna scored the highest.

Question :4

Shailendra is shorter than Keshav but taller than Rakesh. Madhav is the tallest. Ashish is a little shorter than Keshav and little taller than Shailendra. If they stand in the order of increasing heights, who will be the second?

Answer: (c)

Keshav > Shailendra > Rakesh

Keshav > Ashish > Shailendra

Madhav is the tallest.

Rakesh < Shailendra < Ashish < Keshav < Madhav

Question :5

In a queue, A is eighteenth from the front while B is sixteenth from the back. If C is twenty fourth from the front and is exactly in the middle of A and B, then how many persons are there is the queue ?

Answer: (a)

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