some important man made materials - Category wise Question and Answer Practice Test with Solutions

some important man made materials PRACTICE TEST [2 - EXERCISES]

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Question : 1

Which one among the following is the main ingredient in cement?

a) Clay

b) Limestone

c) Gypsum

d) Ash

Answer: (b)

The composition of cement is CaO (lime) or limestone 62%, silica (SiO2) 22%, alumina (Al2O3) 7.5%, magnesia (MgO) 2.5%, etc.

Thus, limestone is the major raw material for cement.

Question : 2

One of the properties of glass is its transparency. This property of glass is due to

a) irregular arrangement of silicate units in glass.

b) regular arrangement of silicate units in glass.

c) its high viscosity.

d) its high coefficient of thermal expansion.

Answer: (a)

Question : 3

Deficiency of vitamin A results in

a) sterility

b) skin diseases

c) lose in apetite

d) retarted growth

Answer: (d)

In childhood, lack of vitamin A retards growth and hence like other vitamins, it is also said to be a growth-promoting factor.

In mild deficiency, it leads to night blindness. Its prolonged deficiency leads to xerophthalmia.

Question : 4

Deficiency of vitamin E causes

a) Hemolytic anemia

b) Scurvy

c) Beriberi

d) None of these

Answer: (a)

Question : 5

Which one of the following is not present in cement?

a) Alum

b) Alumina

c) Clay

d) Gypsum

Answer: (a)

Gypsum is added in calculated quantity in order to adjust the rate of setting of cement. Alum is NOT present in cement.

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