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Single Fillers - Introduction, Rules, How to Solve, Useful Tricks, MCQ Examples PDF for All Competitive Exams

Jan 03, 2022, By Careericons

Filling the blanks (Single Fillers) based questions are asked in many government & private examinations.

The purpose of filling the blanks in these exams is to test your English grammar knowledge correctly.

The multiple-choice questions in this topic, have single/ one spaces inside the sentence, in which you have to fill with a suitable answer from the given options.

The options will be as proper or auxiliary verbs, an article, prepositions, prepositional phrase, adjectives, nouns, pronouns, either subject or object, adverbs, connector, comparative or superlative, and conjunctions have to fill.

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Some examples for BANK, SBI, RBI, SSC based on Single Fillers:

  1. Preposition following a noun, adjective or verb.
    (Example: look at images)
  2. prepositional phrase.
    (Example: in spite of )
  3. an adverb.
    (Example: They vacated the house three years ago)
  4. connector.
    (Example: It is raining, therefore the ground is wet.)
  5. conjunction.
    (Example: Although he is six, he can speak & write five languages)
  6. an auxiliary verb, an article, a pronoun, either subject or object.
    (Example: It is easier to know)
  7. comparative or superlative involved?
    (Example: She's stronger than me)

5000+ Filling the blanks MCQ Single Fillers for all competitive exams

Some Important Grammar Rules useful to solve all kinds of "Filling The Blanks" based questions in any competitive exams: 

There are "7 Important Rules you have to follow, While for solving all types of Filling the blanks", There are three types of filling the blanks explained below in detail. Also, 


It is very important that you read the sentence in the question very carefully.

In most cases, clues about the type of information needed to fill the gap "a person’s name, a date or a fact" can be derived by a good understanding of the meaning of the sentence itself.


You should keep a close watch on grammar clues, for instance, if the article, “an” comes before the blank, then it implies that the answer must begin with a vowel. Such grammatical clues can be of great help in deciding the answers.


You must recognize the logical structure of a sentence and pay attention to what the question requires.


It is necessary that you understand the context of the sentence. While closely reading the sentence and the options given in the question, you must try to determine the tone of the missing word. Whether the required word is positive or negative in the meaning it implies


In certain fill in the blank questions, you are required to fill in more than one blank. In such cases, you should use the method of elimination by simultaneously checking which of the options best satisfies both the entries.


In case you are confused between two or more options, you can also apply the hit & trial method - one by one place each of the likely options in place of the missing word in the sentence. The option which credits maximum meaning to the sentence should be the correct answer.


Do not spend a lot of time on one question. If you are unable to spot the correct answer, despite repeated efforts, leave the question and move forward.

What are the 3 types of questions asked based on "Filling the Blanks" In various SSC BANK IBPS Exams?

Filling the blanks are also called "Fillers". There are classified into three types,

  1. Single Fillers,
  2. Double Fillers, &
  3. Multiple Fillers.

Filling the Blanks based MCQs are frequently occur in many national-level Government exams such as IBPS PO, IBPS SO, IBPS CLERK, SBI PO, UPSC, CAPF, CDS, RRB, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS etc.

5000+Filling the blanks Single Fillers Live MCQ Quiz for all competitive exams

New 3000+ Filling the Blanks - Single Fillers Examples MCQ & PDF For All Competitive Exams:


In the following question, the sentence is given with blank to be filled in with an appropriate word. Select the alternative out of the four and indicate it by selecting the appropriate option.

Example 1:

She hadn't eaten all day, and by the time she got home, she was______.

(a) blighted

(b) confutative

(c) ravenous

(d) ostentatious

(e) blissful

Example 2:

The dress Ariel wore ______ with small, glassy beads, creating a shimmering effect.

(a) titillated

(b) reiterated

(c) scintillated

(d) enthralled

(e) striated

Example 3:

Shakespeare, a(n) ______ writer, entertained audiences by writing many tragic and comic plays.

(a) numeric

(b) obstinate

(c) dutiful

(d) prolific

(e) generic

Example 4:

If you will not do your work of your own ______, I have no choice but to penalize you if it is not done on time.

(a) predilection

(b) coercion

(c) excursion

(d) volition

(e) infusion

Example 5:

With a(n) ______ grin, the boy quickly slipped the candy into his pocket without his mother's knowledge.

(a) jaundiced

(b) nefarious

(c) stereotypical

(d) sentimental

(e) impartial

Example 6:

As the ______ in Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is a hero able to capture the audience's sympathy by continually professing his love for Juliet.

(a) protagonist

(b) enigma

(c) facade

(d) activist

(e) catechis

Example 7:

The busy, ______ fabric of the clown's tie matched his oversized jacket, which was equally atrocious.

(a) mottled

(b) bleak

(c) credible

(d) malleable

(e) communicable

Example 8:

The ______ rumours did a great deal of damage even though they turned out to be false.

(a) bemused

(b) prosaic

(c) apocryphal

(d) ebullient

(e) tantamount

Example 9:

Wedding ceremonies often include the exchange of ______ rings to symbolize the couple's promises to each other.

(a) hirsute

(b) acrimonious

(c) plaintive

(d) deciduous

(e) votive

Example 10:

She reached the ______ of her career with her fourth novel, which won the Pulitzer Prize.

(a) harbinger

(b) apogee

(c) metamorphosis

(d) dictum

(e) synthesis

Solutions for the above Single Fillers examples.

Solution Q1:

Options (c); Ravenous means extremely hungry.

Solution Q2:

Options (c); To scintillate means to emit or send forth sparks or little flashes of light, creating a shimmering effect; to sparkle.

Solution Q3:

Options (d); Prolific means abundantly creative.

Solution Q4:

Options (d); Volition means accord; an act or exercise of will.

Solution Q5:

Options (b); Nefarious means wicked, vicious, or evil

Solution Q6:

Options (a); A protagonist is the main character in a drama

Solution Q7:

Options (a); Mottled means blotched or spotted with different colours or shades.

Solution Q8:

Options (c); Apocryphal means of questionable authenticity or doubtful authority; fictitious, false.

Solution Q9:

Options (e); Votive means dedicated by a vow.

Solution Q10:

Options (b); Apogee means the highest or farthest point, culmination; the point in its orbit where a satellite is at the greatest distance from the body it is orbiting.

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