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Double Fillers - Questions & Answers, Types, Introduction, Rules, How to Solve, Useful Tricks, MCQ Examples PDF for All BANK Competitive Exams

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Filling the blanks (Double Fillers) based questions are asked in many government & private examinations.

The purpose of filling the blanks in these exams is to test your English grammar knowledge correctly.

The multiple-choice questions in this topic, have Double/ Two spaces inside the sentences/ paragraphs, in which you have to fill with a suitable answer from the given options.

The options will be as combinations of proper or auxiliary verbs, an article, prepositions, prepositional phrases, adjectives, nouns, pronouns, either subject or object, adverbs, connector, comparative or superlative, and conjunctions have to fill.

5000+ Filling the blanks MCQ Double Fillers for all competitive exams

Important 7 Grammar Rules for "Filling The Blanks"

Click the above link & learn all different rules to solve multiple choice questions based on all three types of FILLING THE BLANKS, useful for various SSC, BANK, IBPS, IBPS RRB, RAILWAY Exams

What are the 3 types of questions asked based on "Filling the Blanks" In various SSC BANK IBPS Exams?

Filling the blanks are also called "Fillers". There are classified into three types,

  1. Single Fillers,
  2. Double Fillers, &
  3. Multiple Fillers.

Filling the Blanks based MCQs are frequently occur in many national-level Government exams such as IBPS PO, IBPS SO, IBPS CLERK, SBI PO, UPSC, CAPF, CDS, RRB, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS etc.

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New 3000+ Filling the Blanks - Double Fillers Examples MCQ & PDF For All Competitive Exams:


The Following questions have two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

Example 1:

The Deputy Manager ______________ to resign because all his proposals were _______________ down by his superiors.

(a) Offered, thrown

(b) Gave, held

(c) Began, kept

(d) Threatened, turned

(e) Stopped, formed

Example 2:

Air quality has a strong bearing in India's ability to ________ high economic growth, but the national policy has treated the issue with________ importance.

(a) Assure , great

(b) Provoke, permissible

(c) Support, few

(d) Capitulate, titular

(e) Sustain, scant

Example 3:

At the dawn of history, India _______ on her unending quest and trackless centuries are _____ with her striving and the grandeur of her success and failures.

(a) Started, filled

(b) Marched, involved

(c) Proceeded, bulled

(d) Started, vanished

(e) Marched, filled

Example 4:

Although religion does not _______________ the acquisition of wealth, the tenor or its teaching is to _______________ an attitude of indifference of worldly things.

(a) Proclaim, prohibit

(b) Inhibit, induce

(c) Manifest, proud

(d) Dealing, develop

(e) Allow, criticize

Example 5:

Injection of additional expenditures through pay _____ and the One Rank One Pension provision will increase consumption ____.

(a) Decreases, request

(b) Uplift, desire

(c) Growth, longing

(d) Boost, demand

(e) Increases, demand

Example 6:

India__________show the world how to conduct its affair- by ____________ dissent and giving it scope to thrive.

(a) can, throwing

(b) Must, held

(c) Began, keeping

(d) Willing, knocking

(e) Ought to, Managing

Example 7:

Food and fertilizer subsidies _______________ to proliferate, and it is important to rationalize and _______________ them.

(a) Continue, target

(b) Proceed, achieve

(c) Pursue, prey

(d) Maintain, object

(e) Remain, select

Example 8:

Shalini was not _______________ by criticism and paid no ____________ even when her best friend talked against her.

(a) Bothered, attention

(b) Troubled, brained

(c) Threatened, warning

(d) Deterred, heed

(e) Shaken, indication

Example 9:

_____ of crops was due to continuous ______.

(a) Loss, draught

(b) Ruin, draft

(c) Failure, drought

(d) Depreciation, drift

(e) Non-yielding, dryness

Example 10:

Even as _____ machines free men from drudgery, they ____ displace men from jobs.

(a) Automated, simultaneously

(b) Robotlike, unwillingly

(c) Animated, ineluctably

(d) Accelerated, seemingly

(e) Antiquate, understandably

Solutions for the above Double Fillers examples.

Solution Q1:

Options (d); ‘Threatened, turned’ is the correct use. TURN DOWN: To Refuse to accept

Solution Q2:

Options (e); ‘Sustain, scant’ is the correct use. SUSTAIN: To supply with necessities and support. SCANT: Less than the correct amount.

Solution Q3:

Options (a); ‘Started, filled’ is the correct use.

Solution Q4:

Options (b); ‘Inhibit, induce’ is the correct use INHIBIT: To hinder, restrain, or prevent. INDUCE: To bring about or give rise to.

Solution Q5:

Options (e); ‘Increases, demand’ is the correct use

Solution Q6:

Options (e); ‘Ought to, Managing’ is the correct use. Ought to is used to predict something which is fairly likely to occur whereasMustis used when there is some sort of compulsion.

Solution Q7:

Options (a); ‘Continue, target’ is the correct use. TARGET: To select as an object of attention.

Solution Q8:

Options (a); ‘Bothered, attention’ is the correct use. Bothered: Worry, disturb, or upset. Attention: Notice taken of someone or something.

Solution Q9:

Options (c); ‘Failure, drought’ is the correct use. Drought: A prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall, leading to a shortage of water.

Solution Q10:

Options (b); ‘Robotlike, unwillingly’ is the correct use. Robotlike: Resembling a robot. Unwillingly: Not ready, eager, or prepared to do something.

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