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fundamental & concepts of computer Topic-wise Types, Definitions, Important fact & Techniques with Short Tricks & Tips useful for all competitive Examinations

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Computer Genral Awareness Objective Type MCQ Questions With Solved Answer Key

What is a "Computer"?

The word computer has been derived from the Latin language.

A computer is a machine and an electronic device programmed to carry out a set of instructions of arithmetic or logical operations automatically. It also has the ability to store, retrieve and process data.


A computer is used for various applications like typing documents, sending E-mails, browsing the Internet, downloading files, stores any documents. It is also used to handle accounting, database management, presentations, games and so on.

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What are the basic "Functions of a Computer"?

Basically, Computer performs these 4 principles functions which are given & explained in the following table,

S.No Functions of Computer Definition
1 Input  (Data & Information) Information or data that is entered into a computer is called input. It sends data and instructions to the Central Processing Unit (CPU). Data entry is done manually, automatically or both. Manual input is done via add-on peripherals like the keyboard, mouse and stylus.
2 Processing  (Data & Information) Processing is the sequence of actions taken on data to convert it into information that is meaningful to the user. It can be calculations, comparisons or decisions taken by the computer. Usually, data is in raw form, and will thus undergo processing before dissemination for user consumption.
3 Output  (Data & Information) It makes processed data available to the user. It is mainly used to display the desired result to the user as per input instructions. The output is thus referred to as information and is beneficial to the computer user.
4 Storage (Data & Information) It stores data and programs permanently. It is used to store information during the time of program execution and is possible to get any type of information from it. Storage integrity is a crucial phase that can actually determine the worth of a computer system.

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What are the "10 Different Features of Computer"?

The "Top 10 key features of a Computer" are as follows in the below list,

  1. Speed,
  2. Accuracy,
  3. Storage Capacity,
  4. Versatility,
  5. Automation,
  6. Diligence,
  7. Secrecy,
  8. Memory,
  9. Reliability, &
  10. Plug and Play.

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Top 25+ Computer Fundamentals MCQs Examples With Solved Solutions for IT Interviews SSC IBPS & Railway Exams

What are those important topics useful to learn more about "Fundamentals & Concepts of Computer" completely, Explained in detail?

  1. History of Computer,
  2. Generations of Computer,
  3. Classification of Computer,
  4. Functions of Computer,
  5. Features of Computer,
  6. Applications of Computer, &
  7. MCQ Exercises with Solved Answer Key & Explanations.

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Online Practice MCQ Test & Quiz for List of all various "Computer Awareness" Topics asked in various Competitive Exams with Examples PDF:

  1. Fundamental & Concepts Of Computer,
  2. Computer Security,
  3. Computer Acronyms & Abbreviation,
  4. Basics Of Hardware & Software,
  5. Input & Output Devices,
  6. Operating System,
  7. Software Concepts,
  8. Software Engineering,
  9. Data Structures & Algorithms,
  10. Computer Networks,
  11. Parallel Computing,
  12. Window Programming,
  13. Internet Awareness,
  14. Microsoft Windows Operating System,
  15. Microsoft Windows Keyboard Shortcuts,
  16. Microsoft Office Quiz,
  17. Microsoft Word,
  18. Microsoft Excel,
  19. Microsoft Powerpoint,
  20. Microsoft Access,
  21. Computer Memory,
  22. Database Management System (DBMS),
  23. Data Mining And Data Ware House, &
  24. Electronics Data Processing.

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